We create events to help African young people & families access legal, health and community services, and run community programs that promote wellbeing & life opportunities

Some Members of the Black Rhinos Basketball Club have become members of The Ubuntu Peer-Peer Restorative Family, the young people worked hard throughout COVID-19 Restrictions and still are providing Culturally Appropriate food and material aid to the African Australian families across the three Local Government Areas in South East Mentro.

Rotary Club Of Melbourne Bus Donation

Thanks to the generous donation Afri-Aus Care has been able to locomote Black Rhino’s Basketball Club and Empowering African Mothers UBUNTU In Practice Program participants. Afri-Aus Care greatly appricates and is thankful for this donation and examplifying UBUNTU and the Positive Change Model in practice.

Mobile Culturally Appropriate Counseling services on a Bus during the times of need.
ADRA in Victoria
Afri-Aus Care Inc.
Westfield Fountain Gate
Dandenong Police Station
Afri-Aus Care and ADRA staff and volunteers have been working hard to assist those in need through our Food Relief Program. A Big Thank You to our donors, food relief team, and supporters for making this critically needed initiative possible! 👏👏👏
Afri-Aus Care and ADRA Community Centre have been reaching out to our women’s group members and community members in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs through our COVID-19 Food Relief Program. Watch our video below to hear more about this essential program and the wonderful people and organisations that have made this initiative possible!



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