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A month today after the successful Lauch of Empowering African Women, UBUNTU in Practice, Julian Hill MP, Cameron and Sandra George from the City of Dandenong visited the Mamas at the Centre. Julian had time to talk with the Mamas hearing the challenges the Mamas have been facing for a long time. Garden tour and African lunch were the source of attraction for the visitors.


Empowering African Australian Women Project using the UBUNTU guidelines is focussing on working with women who are going through traumatic experiences because of resettlement challenges. Through this project we are creating endless opportunities for the women, they are learning English, cooking, sewing, gardening, and coming together working with their children sharing culturally appropriate stories and their way of living in Australia. We are working with them on the grassroot level and some of them are already placed in paid jobs.

We are collaborating with a number of stakeholders in South Eastern Metro. The project has been funded by the Department of Justice and Community Safety and we are working with the University of Melbourne and another African organisation called AAFRO. Empowering women project in combination with the practices of UBUNTU and Positive Change Model is bringing families and communities together and bridging the gaps that exist in some of our African families. We are also bridgining the gap that exists between the Australian society and the African community. We are grateful for the partnerships with our stakeholders and would like to acknowledge Hon. Minister Natalie Hutchins whose support is invaluable to us. This immense support helps us to work closely with these women so they can be financially independent and raise their kids in a positive manner. By empowering the mothers we are creating a sustainable future for our next generation.