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You deserve quality services of your choice. We care deeply about our participants’ short and long-term health and wellbeing goals. Our services are safe and culturally appropriate. We work with you to identify your needs, achieve your goals, and we do this in an environment where you are seen as an individual, where you and your choices are valued, and where you are known for your abilities.


We provide culturally appropriate and safe services.
People with mental health disabilities from African Australian backgrounds and other culturally and linguistically
diverse (CALD) backgrounds deserve culturally appropriate and safe services.
Afri-Aus Care works to fill this gap by providing services to match our participants’ cultural and linguistic background.
Our Ubuntu Model of Care assists African-Australian community members with support that they can identify with and is meaningful to them.
Additionally, we provide community connections, skills building programs, and outreach services to help connect participants to community
members to enhance their quality of life and social and economic integration. Our services are appreciated by community members and NDIS participants from multicultural backgrounds including African-Australian community members. Having the choice to choose culturally appropriate services is your right.
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Group/Centre Activities

We provide support for interactive group activities. We offer recreational and life skill activities tailored for different age groups that are culturally appropriate.

Support Coordination

Afri-Aus care knows that it can be quiet challenging to try and put your plan together, especially if its your first time. The support coordinators role is to help you understand, navigate your plan, and find the right providers based on your culturally appropriate needs. Our expert support coordinators can help you in taking the stress away and assist you in addressing the barriers, decreasing the complexity of the support enviroment by tailoring the plan to match your goals. At the same time helping you develop your skills and abilities to manage your NDIS plan independently. We offer support coordination in three areas:

– Support connections
– Support coordination
– Specialist support coordination

Plan Management

Afri-Aus Care Plan Managers will work with you to achieve your desired goals by:

– Paying your providers
– Managing your paper work
– Helping you budget


Participate Community

We support participants to partcipate in the community through various activities. It helps participants solve problems through exchange and sharing of thoughts, a feeling of community belonging and connectedness.

Household Tasks

Our experinced support workers will work with you to achieve your goals in areas of capacity building and skill development. Where you are not reasonably able to complete such activities or tasks our support workers will offer support in those areas.

Development-Life Skills

Development life skill support focuses on developing or improving the abilities that can help partcipants live their lives independently and meaningfully.

Community Nursing Care

Our qualified nurses and support workers are there to offer support to participants with complex mental health and disabilities needs. We can assist you with transitioning from the hosptial to home or residential facility. These services are provided under the current NDIS price guide and enable you to access multiple support services with Afri-Aus Care such as:

– Diabetic management
– Management of medication
– Comple disability care e.g. PEG, Continence, Ventilator and Bowl care.
– Pressure care and wound management
– Assesments e.g. Continence and holistic care plans
– Day to day healthy supports in your home


With travel and transport support, individuals are able to travel to places where they can not with other means of transport. The staff and programs at Afri-Aus care are designed to support participants live a meaningful and impactful life.

Assist-Personal Activities

This support is tailored to help participants meaningfully participate in their daily routines and activities. Activities such as cooking, sweeping, bathing, dressing, cleaning, laundry etc. All participants with high needs that require the use of assitive devices will be supported by our qualified support workers.


Assist-Life Stage, Transition

Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transition and support. Afri-Aus care offers both short and long term support that focus on strengthening the participants ability to live at home and in their community.

This will include support connections, coordination support, assistance with accomodation and tenancy obligations, life transitioning planning including mentoring, peer support and individual skill develoment. Assistance with decision making, daily planning and budgetting. Contact us if you are in need of any of these services.


You deserve choice and control. You deserve only the best service and to have the choice to be provided with quality and culturally appropriate and safe support. We provide caring, quality, and culturally appropriate support to all participants.


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