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About Us

What We Do

Driving Excellence, Beyond Expectations

Afri-Aus Care is a not for profit community service organisation run by a group of qualified professionals, many from migrant backgrounds. The organisation was founded by Selba Gondoza-Luka, who experienced hardship after arriving in Australia and made it her mission to help those experiencing similar difficulties.

At our organization, we are dedicated to breaking down the taboos and stigma surrounding mental health, particularly within African and other Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities. We recognize the unique challenges faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds when seeking help for mental health issues, and we strive to provide comprehensive assistance and support.

Our primary focus is on providing primary mental health intervention and intensive support programs to individuals within these communities. We offer a range of services that address the specific needs and cultural sensitivities of our clients. This includes culturally appropriate counseling, therapy, and psychoeducation to help individuals navigate and manage their mental health challenges effectively.

Board Members

Dr. David Jacka


Prof. Stephane Shepard

Deputy Chair

Lili Teichman

Board Member

Kondwani Hara


Virajith Hewaarachchi


Joanna Abraham

Board Member

Jacob Djazouli

Board Member